Pinebrook's staff is a dedicated community of people who are  committed to working
All To The Glory of God.
Here are a few bios of our staff.
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Nate Brosius


Chief of Operations 
grew up in the Bible Fellowship Church and served 17 years at Pinebrook from 1987-2004. During his tenure he served as Director for a number of years. After spending his last seven years in a corporate environment, he brings innovation and a strong work ethic  to Pinebrook. Nate and his wife, Gabby, serve as  Director and Office Manager, respectively.
Bruce Loch

Maintenance, Grounds,
God has given him many talents that he joysfully uses to serve the Ministry of Pinebrook in many capacities and he praises God every day for it!

Nancy Loch
Koinonia Kafe
Gabriele (Gabby) Brosius

Office Manager/Registrar

 serves as Pinebrook's Office Manager, Registrations overseeing reservations, finance, human resources, and other office administrative related responsibilities and marketing.  Having been in the corporate world for 17 years before joining Pinebrook's Ministry, Gabby brings knowledge of exceptional customer service, quality assurance, marketing and a strong work ethic. Gabby is thankful to be able to use her skills in a christian environment!

Shari Landis

Administration Assistant

Lisa Kellerman 
Pinebrook Volunteer
RWR & Volunteer Coordinator
Tonya Kellerman

Food Prep. & Snack Shop Supervisor
Bruce Kellerman
Kitchen, Maintenance, & Grounds
Charles Bomgardner
Director of Marketing 

David Landis
Sound & Maintenance

Charles Bomgardner
Director of Marketing 
Food Service

Bill Braun Chef

Nancy BerryAsst. Cook

Lucianny Sosa - Food Prep

Melissa James - Food Prep

Lia Cruz - Food Prep